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Manufacturing and marketing chemicals

A.CHI.MO s.r.l. has been a leading chemical industry since 1974. A.CHI.MO produces and commercializes chemical products for the textile, paper and leather industry. It also produces detergents for domestic and industrial use.  
A.CHI.MO has gone from being a local company to operating in a much broader international market. It has acquired credibility and prestige all around the world. A.CHI.MO experts have developed up-to-date technogies and have devised effective and competitive products, as well as applied industrial processes in order to comply with the new demands of the fashion market.
Thanks to the solid technical and business skills of its consultants and employees and to the network of professional exchange with internationally reknown textile and mechanical companies, A.CHI.MO is able to provive excellent service in an ever changing market. The many applied registered patents are a testimony to the company’s high standard of research and a guarantee of its leading position in the textile production business.