About us


A.CHI.MO. has been producing  and marketing chemical products for the  textile, paper and leather industry since 1974.

A.CHI.MO. is  also manufacturer of  industrial and home detergents. The Company started its business locally to expand their markets throughout the years, growing in reliability and prestige worldwide.

A.CHI.MO. experts have achieved the highest levels of updated technical knowledge and expertise,  getting to formulate  nowadays  more and more competitive products and new and modern industrial procedures   in line with fashion trends and market demands. The Company success has been possible thanks to a constant provision of advanced technical and marketing competences of A.CHI.MO. team of experts. The mutual and respectful relationship between the Company  and either the textile machinery or textile Company partners allows A.CHI.MO. to give prompt answers to the  more and more demanding and growing markets.

ACHIMO  has collected  several applied registered licenses in the Dyeing, Finishing fabrics and Printing fabrics, achieving a position of leader in the textile industry and proving a remarkable inclination in promoting chemical researches.



A.CHI.MO. can boast  an onsite fully equipped quality controlled laboratory  of research and  an excellent Customer service. Expert technicians work in generating and testing new products  and carry out all necessary controls   in line with the most important modern standards of environmental sustainability. They are also able to provide technical –applied answers together with great tailored service thanks to a  strict  and good collaboration with customers. The A.CHI.MO.  laboratory is furthermore well equipped with semi – industrial  machinery for the research and prompt development of fashion trends in  a  quick changing market. Any fashion trend can be realized on fabrics, on textiles and on ready- to -wear garments